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Chinese domain market report : is the Great Firewall of China going down soon?

Luo Fuhe, a Chinese official, said that the “Great Firewall” of China blocking western web sites, is too restrictive and hinders economic progress, discouraging foreign investments. It’s a rare demonstration of opposing the Chinese government policy, and one of two things might happen: Mr. Luo Fuhe might be reprimanded for disrespecting the party’s position, or […]

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Chinese domain sales report : Trademark law soon to change in China

In China, more than 2,600 trademark cases were heard by the Beijing High People’s Court between 2002 and 2009. In 2014, the court heard nearly 8,000 such cases. Meanwhile, more than 7,500 cases were filed at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court in 2015. More than 73% were related to trademark infringement. Domain investors in China […]

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