Chinese domain market report : is the Great Firewall of China going down soon?

Luo Fuhe, a Chinese official, said that the “Great Firewall” of China blocking western web sites, is too restrictive and hinders economic progress, discouraging foreign investments.

It’s a rare demonstration of opposing the Chinese government policy, and one of two things might happen: Mr. Luo Fuhe might be reprimanded for disrespecting the party’s position, or he might be heard and some restrictions might be lifted.

China opened the annual session of parliament, the National People’s Congress, today – March 5th.

Chinese domain investors cannot access major web sites, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It’s impossible to imagine how they do business with westerners without access to these top media, but many use VPNs to circumvent restrictions.

The Chinese domain market has been performing in a stable manner lately, with a healthy volume of transactions taking place.

We keep track of short domains that change hands in China, of between 1 to 4 characters, in the .COM, .CN and .NET TLDs.

Here is today’s list, spanning March 2nd to March 5th.

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