Chinese domain sales : Year of the Cheeky Monkey?

Yu no so funny!

Yu no so funny!

If you’re not familiar with what a “cheeky monkey” is, look in the mirror, smart-ass! 😛

Reserved for situations of exuberant smart-Alec’ness, being a cheeky monkey entitles one to an award of being funny and often risque.

Or not.

It’s the Year of the Cheeky Monkey in China, apparently, where everything is possible.

In China, things are looking rosier, and the lukewarm first day of March was followed by an even better March 2nd, as the Shanghai composite rose 4%.

That is great news for an economy that has barraged by failing financial indicators since the end of last year.

Chinese domain sales most definitely follow the overall curve of China’s stock markets.

Whether it’s Chips or Pinyin combinations, domain investors in China are just itching to put their money into some type of investment.

It might as well be dot .WS according to a lot of ccTLD supporters over at Elliot’s blog.

Today’s list of short domain names – between 2 to 4 characters – contains, as always, .CN and .COM domains only.

LLL .com domains and NNNN .com’s hold an equal stake among Chinese domain investors; Chips transactions are plentiful as well.

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  1. The whole thing is out of control.

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