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Chips from the Mann : The top 20 most expensive LLLL .com domains

Mike Mann at TRAFFIC 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Mike Mann at TRAFFIC 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Domain investor Mike Mann has been known for chasing deals like no other “larger than life” domainer.

The Domain Market owner invests in domains, having this simple yet effective philosophy or domain mantra:

“Buy low, sell high.”

With that in mind, we took a closer look at Mike Mann’s domain portfolio, consisting of 4 letter .com domains.

Mike prices his domains aggressively but keep in mind that there’s always room for negotiation – if you ask nicely. ūüėČ

Here’s the list of Mike Mann’s Top 20 most expensive LLLL .com domains on sale at the Domain Market:

Obey.com    $1,999,888
Mali.com    $1,499,888
cdan.com    $299,888
Lure.com    $299,888
GNTM.com    $249,888
Xtac.com    $199,888
Obeh.com    $149,888
Teez.com    $129,888
Tush.com    $99,888
EYCA.com    $74,888
Pkpu.com    $74,888
Imef.com    $64,888
ASII.com    $59,888
CTPM.com    $59,888
Cgsl.com    $54,888
TGCC.com    $54,888
Cfir.com    $49,888
LCCU.com    $49,888
Caef.com    $44,888
cpep.com    $44,888

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