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Christmas miracle: Deleted Church domains get restored

St. Paul's domains are back from the dead.

St. Paul’s domains are back from the dead.

A group of church-owned domains deleted by the Registry – that is, erased from the Verisign database – have somehow reappeared, active and with the original registration date.

In a remarkable case that many call “a Christmas miracle”, the domain names vanished from the database on Friday afternoon, around 6:30pm Eastern.

“Many might think that this was a glitch, but I believe it was a true Christmas miracle,” says Jonas David Frubbs, a data forensics specialist and devout Catholic from Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota.

“I personally saw these domains get deleted, they were dead for at least 48 hours, and on Monday morning they were back, praise the Lord!” exclaimed Frubbs, looking up at the sky outside his office window.

The news of the re-birth of the church domains were received with joy from hundreds of faithful, attending a special mass on Monday morning at the St. Paul Cathedral.

“We are blessed to be alive in this time and era that the Lord still manifests himself through miracles,” said the St. Paul pastor, Father O’Really. “Praise the Lord, and thank you Jesus!” exclaimed O’Really, his eyes flooded with tears.

Meanwhile, the company managing the Church domains has been terminated from service; there was no immediate explanation why the Church would end their association with Ali Bin Data Services, other than for financial reasons.

Miracle or not, the domains are back to being active, and the community is looking forward to restoring their Facebook page as well.

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  1. Kate says:

    Born again domainers rejoice 🙂

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