City of San Francisco buys first .GAY domain

The city of San Francisco has become the first city in the US to purchase its new gTLD domain directly from ICANN.

Frank Fadzpecker, speaking on behalf of the city of San Francisco announced the acquisition of

“This is fabulous news, fabulous! As the city with the largest gay community in the US we are very excited, very much so!”, said Mr. Fadzpecker.

“When we read about the sales of and we thought we can do better than this. And we did!”, he adds while brushing his hair to the side.

Indeed, the acquisition of gives the city of San Francisco absolute control over the future of the gay gTLD.

“We can now launch the subdomain and have the absolutely best brand for our Rainbow coalition”, says Fadzpecker. “Oh my goodness, we’re so excited by this fabulous news!”

ICANN facilitated the sale via the Quick gTLD Launch Initiative – a new process devised by ICANN to bypass the scrutiny of expert Canadian domainer, George Kirikos.

Essentially, the sale of for an undisclosed seven figure deal will become the new norm, in order for ICANN to financially sustain its Club Med mentality.

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    City of Sydney should buy:

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