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Costly mistake? lnvitation.com was sold for $20k at Dynadot

The winner of the Dynadot auction for lnvitation.com might have made a costly mistake, as the final amount of $20,156 dollars is unjustified.

How so?

The domain is not invitation.com, it’s Lnvitation.com and when the letters aren’t capitalized people might easily mistake the leading lower case “L” for a capitalized “i.”


We would not be surprised if the auction’s winner refuses to pay. Domain names should be presented in both lower and upper case, and non ASCII (IDN) domains must be identified. Dynadot should be able to fix this easily.

Kudos: BrandGrail via Twitter.

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2 Responses to “Costly mistake? lnvitation.com was sold for $20k at Dynadot”
  1. i would never invite nobody to nothin’. of course i was outta town at the time. jala la la la.. queers came in from outta town.

  2. yeah, saw the auction myself today. That’s why I type the domain name always into the browser to not get fooled.:-)
    Don’t think buyer should pay. Dynadot’s fault.

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