Cowboys and Indians: The sad story of Peter Pinocchio

Looks like yesterday’s post about hit a sensitive nerve with some; the truth is that there is so much finely sliced bologna surrounding such big sales stories that we decided to dig further into the Wild West of domaining.


The domain was auctioned at Namejet on August 20th of this year, selling for the rather low price of $1,609.

Now, keep in mind that the domain was never developed as a store;  since its registration in 1998 it has been a developed, online magazine about the West, as a link to an archived 2008 page reveals.

Two months after it was auctioned, displays the following incredible statement:

Welcome to Cowboys & Indians Superstore – Cowboys & Indians Western Wear superstore has unfortunately closed its doors. We’re currently liquidating our web assets. Our web domain name, is currently for sale and listed up for auction at, with an opening bid of $2,500

What a load of freshly pooped horse manure. The owner even states in his LinkedIn profile the following:

…I actively design, develop, and manage a network of advertising & affiliate-based properties […] I’m entirely responsible for all product development and management issues, as well as traffic analysis, content creation, web design, and monetization efforts for each asset.

Peter, if that page you slapped up is anything remotely related to development, I will gladly eat my entire Photoshop toolbar for lunch. And nice try there – the Cowboys and Indians “superstore” apparently closed its doors before it even opened up for business.

What happened to honesty these days?

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