: No longer a banned #domain name at Google, a premium, aged domain with a long negotiation history, is no longer penalized by Google. Years after it was acquired by a group of domain investors that included Rick Schwartz and Sahar Sarid, the $370,000 dollar acquisition dropped off the face of Google. Perhaps it was the bad approach to domain development that saw […]

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Joint ventures : Has the #domain been banned from Google?

We all remember, the generic shared project that several domain investors acquired for $370,000 dollars, more than a decade ago. was originally bid on by the Dallas Cowboys, who claimed they believed their $275,000 dollar bid was for $275.00 even. In the 11 years that passed, the joint venture of has been […]

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After the Dallas Cowboys, winners of the TRAFFIC auction claimed they weren’t familiar with its true price-tag, the domain was placed in limbo and a group of domain investors bought it later on. was subsequently used as a “gay personals” web site, perhaps due to the Brokeback Mountain movie about a pair of […]

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St. Louis Rams acquire domain in 9 figure deal

Ending months of speculation about which domain name they will use, the St. Louis Rams have finally made a decision. In a shocking interview this afternoon, the Rams executive Vice President announced the acquisition of the domain “Recent comments in the media about how we should buy were rather disconnected from reality. As […]

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Domain shocker: Google pulls out of the dot .APP auction citing honest mistake

The much-advertised auction for the new gTLD dot .APP is apparently back in limbo; in a shocking statement, Google retracts its bid of $25 million dollars as an ‘unfortunate error.’ “We are pulling out of that auction, good luck to the 2nd bidder, it was an honest mistake,” said Mark Gabinski, VP of gTLD infrastructure […]

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Karma hits back hard at suitor

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is currently experiencing a case of karma delivery – big time. The man whose team advisers renegged on a bid of $275,000 for the domain, claiming it was for $275, is now hit with a $1,000,000 lawsuit – from a stripper. The allegations by the “exotic […]

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“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana” – according to Groucho Marx. It has now been exactly six years since the Dallas Cowboys team of Internet wizards fumbled it, tossing the ball during the TRAFFIC 2007 East domain auction. In a story that many young domain investors are not aware of, the […]

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Flippa opens its ranch for

With all the rave surrounding the prolific domain,, it comes as no surprise that the singular version – – is now up for sale on Flippa. claims to be “the most popular western site on the Internet” and when it was registered in July 1994, there were only 2,700 web sites on […]

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BREAKING: The Dallas Cowboys acquire Cowboys .com for $7.9 million

In a nutshell: The Dallas Cowboys have finally acquired that elusive domain name, – for a multi-million dollar “cash & stock” package deal. “We’re here to make amends for the 2007 domain fiasco, and we’re a team that will bring many remarkable trophies to our numerous fans,” said the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. […]

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Dallas Cowboys to buy ?

The Dallas Cowboys faced a humiliating defeat yesterday, to the Washington Redskins. “We lost, fair and square, look at what Robert Griffin III did!” exclaimed Rob Ryan, coach for the Cowboys. “We need the support of our fans, which started thinking the entire team is gay, after visiting, what’s up with that???” he added, […]

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Cowboys back in the saddle after server glitch takes .com offline

An apparent misconfiguration of the server – or a fresh installation of Apache – took the gay personals affiliate site,, offline yesterday. The standard Apache landing page was on display, as can attest to, as well. Today everything is back to normal, however, with the web site surprising “from the rear” more […]

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