Joint ventures : Has the #domain been banned from Google?


We all remember, the generic shared project that several domain investors acquired for $370,000 dollars, more than a decade ago. was originally bid on by the Dallas Cowboys, who claimed they believed their $275,000 dollar bid was for $275.00 even.

In the 11 years that passed, the joint venture of has been turned into a gay ads portal, before it was moved “for sale” with

The most bizarre thing is, that it appears as if has been banned from Google.

When conducting a search for “” no results appear. Normally, the domain itself would appear, even if it only had one page.

We aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, but part of the reason is the current URL forwarding of the domain to its lander; it’s being deprived of a single instance of its own.

The Dallas Cowboys franchise reigns supreme in the Google results, even when searching for “” in quotes, the top results are for

It’s really a shame that such a great generic is sitting undeveloped, wasting away, for the past 11 years. What are the 10 “joint venture” participants going to do about it?

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6 Responses to “Joint ventures : Has the #domain been banned from Google?”
  1. another domainer says:

    What does that make Duck dot com ….

  2. DomainGang says:

    another domainer : is not banned by Google, however.

  3. abc_xyz says:

    How can you find out if a domain name is really banned from Google?

  4. DomainGang says:

    abc_xyz : Go to Google and enter “” with no spaces and no quotes.

    No results means the domain is banned, as in the case of

  5. abc_xyz says:

    How can you get off of Google banned list?

  6. DomainGang says:

    abc_xyz : Good question. It’s not easy. First step: enable the domain on a hosting account. Then, take ownership of it, by verifying it and adding it to your Webmaster Tools account. Third step: develop content and submit new content to Google for indexing. If it remains blocked, file a request for removal based on current status.

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