Cybersquatters target Apple’s “Beats EP” domains

Chinese counterfeit Beats headphones.

Chinese counterfeit Beats headphones.

In an exclusive post a few days ago, we covered the move by Apple and its daughter company, Beats Electronics, to register several gTLD domains.

The primary keyword involved in these domain registrations was “BeatsEP” which matches a pending trademark application at the USPTO.

While Apple registered many of the most related gTLDs, several others were grabbed by cybersquatters attempting to capitalize on the upcoming Beats EP brand.

The most recent search, using ZFBot, shows the following “Beats EP” domains were registered by people in China and elsewhere, in recent days:

Such domain cybersquatting is rampant in China, where there is ample disregard for famous brands and their trademarks.

It’s almost certain that Apple and Beats Electronics will file a URS or a UDRP against these domain violations in the future.


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