Cycling champion : Elliot wins “Silver” at Rio!

In an extraordinary strike of luck, popular domain investor Elliot won a silver medal at Rio’s Olympic games, competing in men’s cycling.

Going through a weekend bicycle race for a noble cause, Elliot led a pack of cyclists early on.

After the first 150 miles, he took a lead, leaving Massachusetts behind, heading south. Eventually, he reached central America, crossing through Panama to Brazil.

“I was not aware of how far I rode my bike, until the terrain became very strange,” said Elliot.

“After a few more hours, I noticed that street signs were in Portuguese, and finally realized that I was in Rio de Janeiro!” exclaimed Elliot.

The race was on right as Elliot took a left turn, exiting the dangerous favelas of Rio, and the still under construction streets of the race.

“At that point, I knew I had to cover my arms and legs with citronella, to make sure I was protected from mosquito bites and the Zika virus,” said Elliot.

Armed with pre-released products of his business, Elliot made it past the finish line, winning silver for Team USA.

“I’m truly ecstatic, although my legs are very sore. I might have to fly back home to Massachusetts, instead of riding my bike,” said Elliot.

Congratulations Elliot, for this great achievement from all of us! 😀

Elliot in Rio, Brazil.

Elliot in Rio, Brazil.

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