#CZDS, the #ICANN #domain zone file platform is only 71% efficient

ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS), is not very efficient, with only 71% of requests to gain zone file access responded to after 3 business days.

CZDS is basically a portal giving access to daily raw data related to new domain registrations and deletions. The zone files follow a specific format and such files can grow to gigabytes in size.


By restricting access to those that request it, ICANN enables Registries to control who accesses the TLD zone files.

Once approved, domain industry professionals, and independent researchers, can peruse the information on a daily basis, and the approval process can be bureaucratic.

Dave Piscitello is a cybersecurity guy who utilizes access to the TLD zone files in order to research and investigate phishing and other fraudulant web sites.

He composed a research report, illustrating the efficiency that Registries reply with to his zone file inclusion requests:

“Seventy one  percent (71%) of TLDs respond within 2-3 business days. Kudos to these operators who have automated or streamlined this process. There are still registry operators who have not processed CZDS applications after fifty-five business days, an ample opportunity to process a request for which there are few causes for denial except for incomplete applicant data.”

Registry operators can also deny access to the zone files, and Mr. Piscitello covers that aspect of bureaucratic “efficiency” at his report.

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