Design.Vegas : Husband and wife team rocks Las Vegas with new domain venture

The husband and wife team of Bruce and Tiffany Marler is out to conquer the city of Las Vegas.

We’re not talking about gambling at the casinos and raiding the elite restaurants – this is strictly business.

The dynamic couple has formed Design.Vegas, a Vegas corporation that plans to take the local business by storm, offering web & app development, consisting of a mix of mobile apps and web site construction.


Design.Vegas is an online property investment company, focused on developing prime Vegas properties creating mobile apps specific to Las Vegas entertainment, such as casino games.

Some apps are scheduled to hit the app stores as soon as this week.

Some private acquisitions of Design.Vegas include the premium dot .Vegas domains:

  • Wedding.Vegas
  • Car.Vegas
  • Concierge.Vegas
  • Discover.Vegas
  • Foodie.Vegas
  • GentlemensClub.Vegas
  • ShowTicket.Vegas
  • Showgirl.Vegas

Bruce and Tiffany Marler had a great presentation on rapid WordPress development during NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas, and will continue to be patrons of the biggest domain conference as an 100% local business.

We wish them all the best with their new venture, Design.Vegas.


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