DNForum advice : Make more money domaining

The ultimate goal for every domain investor is to make money. Preferably, lots of money!

The domain industry offers a variety of opportunities to everyone, even for new investors, to generate wealth by following the successful steps of more experienced domainers.

By tapping into the mindset and methodology to domain investing of others, one can quickly benefit from accumulating knowledge, and hopefully, money.

A great discussion over at DNForum seeks the advice of seasoned professionals about how to make more money domaining.


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Here are some pieces of solid advice we’ve selected:

  • Learn from industry leaders. Identify key people in the domaining space, and read what they have said about domaining in the past.
  • Learn to be patient – don’t go digging up your crop before it has had time to grow!
  • Get creative. Think Different. Read as much as you can. Learn what makes domains valuable. Don’t fall into negative mental traps.
  • Follow your gut feeling.
  • Write down a plan of action and the daily tasks that must get done in order to achieve your long term goals in Domaining then remain consistent day in and day out.
  • Watch and analyze the market carefully, see what sells and what doesn’t.

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