Domain Agents thread receives controversy at DNForum

A discussion thread about a new domain brokerage service by was received with the usual amount of controversial drama on DNForum.

The discussion on the identity and purpose of Domain Agents was set on fire, after a DNForum member suggested that the method used to ignite interest in the services provided, is equal to a “scam.”

Soon after, many established members chimed in, supporting the people behind the Domain Agents company; others, meanwhile, suggested that the invitations are nothing but spam.

According to the web site:

The DomainAgents Negotiation Platform allows owners and potential buyers to come together in a productive, balanced, safe and secure venue.

When a potential buyer is interested in making an offer on a domain name, the buyer purchases a DomainAgents credit and identifies the domain name they are interested in acquiring. We then attempt to contact the domain name owner to present the offer on the potential buyer’s behalf.

The domain name owner receives notice from DomainAgents via email or phone alerting them to the offer made on their domain name. When the domain owner visits DomainAgents, they can either engage in negotiations, accept or decline the offer. To compensate them for their time, DomainAgents either pays the owner $10.00, gives them a free DomainAgents credit to make an offer on a domain name themselves, or donates $10.00 to a selected charity of the owner’s choice.

Once the discussion reached a very heated point, Domain Agents partner, Adam Strong, stepped in:

“The company was privately funded and is still in beta. Phil McKegney (aka Smith) and team have been working on systems rather than about us pages, please forgive us and thanks for the advice there from all parties. It hasn’t been a problem for any of the deals we’ve helped conduct but the feedback is appreciated and I know Phil is taking it under advisement.

I co-founded and invested in the company along with one other person. I’m not sure if he prefers to be private or not but by all means jump to the conclusion that he is ashamed. I haven’t jumped in yet because quite frankly I haven’t felt that it mattered who was involved and that the accusations were so far fetched and baseless that surely mods would see fit to remove these wild assertions. The service speaks for itself and I can’t believe that DNF or any of it’s members would accept wild speculation and assertions cast on someone without any form of proof to be acceptable behavior.”

You can read the entire exchange here [DNForum membership required.]

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3 Responses to “Domain Agents thread receives controversy at DNForum”
  1. Michael Law says:

    After reading that thread I have lost all respect for Dale Porter AKA JuniperPark. To go off and accuse people of scamming, phishing and comparing them to felonious convicts with NO PROOF of anything is juvenile, foolish and disgusting. Dale, thanks for making me aware of DomainAgents, a company I look forward to doing business with – Mike, AKA nicedomains @ DNF.

  2. johnjingleheimer says:

    Bunch of bottom feeders if you ask me, juniper park is a tard.

  3. George Csahanin says:

    I just received an email from Doman Agents saying that I agreed to sell one of my domains: “Thank you for engaging with an offer to purchase dxxx.yyy via DomainAgents the negotiation platform” NO SUCH THING! I was never contacted and any offers to buy my domains are rejected. Sounds crooked to me.

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