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Muhammad Abdullah : #CracklePlus .com for $10,000 dollar #SONY!

The Pakistani registrant of CracklePlus.com wants $10,000 dollars, and SONY better open up its fat wallet. Muhammad Abdullah says that the domain name CracklePlus.com is for sale, and targets the tech giant via the domain’s lander. “Sony Cracke.com. If you are interested in buying CracklePlus.com domain for your future products/Services. Please contact on above email […]

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Domain Agents thread receives controversy at DNForum

A discussion thread about a new domain brokerage service by DomainAgents.com was received with the usual amount of controversial drama on DNForum. The discussion on the identity and purpose of Domain Agents was set on fire, after a DNForum member suggested that the method used to ignite interest in the services provided, is equal to […]

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