Domain #blockchain : Is #GoDaddy slowing down old #domains?

GoDaddy might be slowing down aged domain names, in an effort to prolong their lifespan, by conserving the power they consume when operating at 100%.

After testing 232 domain names registered with GoDaddy in 1999 or earlier, they seemed to perform between 22% to 45% slower than newer domain names at the world’s biggest registrar.

This is an indication of a slowed down domain core, which contains the domain’s microcode that sustains its lifespan from the moment it’s registered, to the moment it expires and drops.

“We don’t throttle down old domain names, no matter what your research shows,” said GoDaddy VP of Corporate Propaganda, Bo Gaddy.

“It’s a ridiculous claim to make, when in fact we support the Internet Neutrality and the coalition for the non-extinction of ancient domains,” added Bo Gaddy.

Despite the GoDaddy disclaimer, it’s empirically proven that when domains age, they require a core tune-up, consisting of microcode reboots and additions of subroutines.

“We take care of aged domains as if they were our own grandparents,” said Bo Gaddy, adding: “GoDaddy has patented technology that allows us to extend the blockchain of our registered domains, it’s the longest and thickest in the industry.”

If you want us to test your aged domains, share your pre-2000 domain names below, and we’ll run some extensive diagnostics.

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