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Domain blogging to require a pro license

Uncle Sam wants 8% of your earnings as a "professional domain investor and blogger."

Uncle Sam wants 8% of your earnings as a “professional domain investor and blogger.”

One of the most drastic changes in domaining in the new year, 2013, is that of professional blogging licensing.

Gone are the days that anyone and their three-legged dog would be able to just install WordPress on a cheap GoDaddy hosting account and start blogging.

“Licensing, that’s what the fiscal cliff fiasco taught us,” said Lisa Difrancese of the FTC.

“With domain blogging licensing, we’ll recoup a good portion of the funds currently allocated to outrageous federal expenses, such as education and healthcare,” she added.

Starting on February 1st, 2013, anyone who considers themselves a “professional domain investor and blogger“, would have to pay dues of up to 8% of their annual revenues. This “domain blogger” taxation will be collected by the domain registry, at the time of renewal of your blog domain.

“It’s unfortunate that popular blogs will be hurt,” said Difrancese. “But those that have lots of comments, will most likely be able to pass the cost onto their readers, charging a few cents per article. This way, they will be able to withstand the 8% tax,” added Difrancese.

It’s very likely that part-time domainers will stop blogging about domains, what they had for lunch and how many beers they drank; meanwhile, professional, licensed domainers will be able to claim the 8% tax as a business expense.

If you don’t have a license as a professional domain investor and domain blogger, don’t delay, get one now.

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  1. claudio says:

    Is their such a license?

    Where you get a Professional Domain investor License?

    Where do you get a Professional Domain Blogger License?

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