#Domain crap : “Dot .com prices are skyrocketing again” claims spam sent via the US Mail

A spam flier sent via the US Mail claims that “dot .com prices are skyrocketing again, they are the Rodeo Drive of the Internet.”

It’d be great to believe, if the flier wasn’t loaded with numerous crap domain names, such as IMB-Upgrade.com (asking $29,000) or Scalpersnet.com (asking $195,000) or AOGServicesCommand.com (asking $105,000) or even NakedWorldNews.com (asking $375,000.)


The badly designed spam flier points to a PO Box in California, and it claims to be liquidating their “top domain portfolio.”

We find it hard to believe that these are the top domain names from someone’s portfolio – what would the lesser quality look like then?

The mind boggles.

The two sided spam flier with crap domains lists top domain sales from the past 20 years as part of its bait. Of course, the domains actually for sale are objectively crap. Here’s the unsolicited spam flier:

Domain crap in the form of US Mail spam

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