Domain cybersquatter curses ICANN and its gTLD ‘nightmare’

Skriminsky smashed his Dell laptop in rage.

Skriminsky smashed his Dell laptop in rage.

A serial cybersquatter has gone on the offensive, lashing out on ICANN and its ‘nightmare‘ launch of hunderds of new gTLDs.

Paul Skriminsky of New York, smashed his laptop in rage, after witnessing his revenue from typo PPC parking and sales of trademark domains plummet.

“Those ICANN bastards, rolled out hundreds of new gTLDs like it’s candy, now all my premium brand .coms are useless!” exclaimed Paul Skriminsky, pointing at his parking revenue stats.

“It’s a freaking nightmare, those companies go register a gTLD in .technology, .guru, .link or whatever, instead of begging me to lower my asking price for the .com,” added Skriminsky, lighting a cigarette.

In a recent interview to Sputnik News, ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé expressed his true feelings over the so-called “cybersquatters” – domain speculators that register marks or typos of marks with intent to sell them to the respective brand owners.

“Screw you, ICANN, and the high horse you rode in on! Damn bastard bureaucrats, telling me how to run my business!” exclaimed Skriminsky, kicking the parts of his broken Dell laptop around.

Most domain investors, however, are not cybersquatters, investing in quality premium domains and staying away from trademarks.

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