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Domain Discovery : Death to Domain Squatters!


Every day we discover something new, and at the end of a very busy Monday, this little domain discovery pays off.

Domain squatting is bad, but is it bad enough for someone to proclaim “Death To Domain Squatters“?

We aren’t sold on that notion, but the domain name DeathToDomainSquatters.com appears to be a dispenser of printed stickers with that motto.

For $5 bucks one can get 2 stickers with the phrase, and can pay via credit card.

Simply awesome. 😀


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4 Responses to “Domain Discovery : Death to Domain Squatters!”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    Problem is when parked at the traffic lights i would have to explain to folk what a domain names is, the traffic would never flow!

  2. travis says:

    Well than people who profit from “domain squatters” must be in a class all their own 😉

  3. Peter T says:

    People who call domain investors squatters can complain all they want. It doesn’t bother me and at the end of the day we’re still the people with the domains.

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