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#Domain intelligence : Press release claims the #domain #CIA .com has been sold


A press release with a delayed reference to the Asheville Meetup claims that the domain CIA.com has been sold.

Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com, announced another completed transaction with CIA.com, a domain that its acronym matches that of the Central Intelligence Agency. The US agency operates from the domain name CIA.gov.

There is no reference to the amount paid, or who acquired the domain CIA.com, which resolves to an efty marketplace lander.

Here’s part of the press release:

ATLANTA, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and WASHINGTON, Aug. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VPN.com has continued to see success with its domain brokerage business. This past week, Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com, announced another completed transaction with CIA.com.

“With VPN.com, we paid $1 million for a premium three-letter domain. Naturally, the market for these assets varies widely on the actual acronym in the domain. With CIA.com, CIA is commonly known around worldwide, most notably for the Central Intelligence Agency. For us at VPN.com, to facilitate this transaction was a great honor,” Gargiulo commented.

CIA.com comes on the heels of a number of other successful deals at VPN.com. With more than $15 million in inventory listed at vpn.com/domains and a strong list of successful deals, it is clear why a premium brand like VPN.com is finding success in helping other strategic entrepreneurs acquire the premium domains their vision calls for.

“We are very excited for both parties and happy to have been trusted to get a great deal done. We put a lot of time and energy into this deal and to finally see it successfully close is always a nice feeling. It is transactions like CIA.com that make me very excited to continue leading the VPN.com Domains division to greater heights,” said Sharjil Saleem, VP of Domains at VPN.com.

It is estimated that more than $250 million in domains are sold on the secondary market each year. Premium dot-com domains, like CIA.com, make up more than 85% of these transactions. At VPN.com, most efforts are focused on domains valued above $50,000.

“Every day we are looking for people who are confident, comfortable and ready to acquire a premium domain. If you or someone in your network is looking to purchase a premium domain name, please reach out to us. Having a trusted broker can be the difference maker in a me-too business versus a billion dollar brand. I know it was when we acquired VPN.com,” Gargiulo said.

In other news this weekend, VPN.com will be in Asheville, North Carolina for the 1st Annual Asheville Professional Domain Investors Meetup hosted by Rick Schwartz. More than 70 incredible visionaries and seasoned domainers across North America will retreat to the Appalachian Mountains to meet great people and put amazing deals together.

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