Domain investing : Latvian students looking for cheap LLL .com domains

Dariusz and Gustaw Promenius are two brothers from Latvia, finishing school; domain investing is their passion and hobby.

Wanting to extend into the lucrative LLL .com domain market, the Promenius brothers are now seeking LLL .com submissions.


To promote their search, they posted a photo on Facebook with a brief message:

“Hi guys! How you are today???

We two poor students from Latvia! and we wants to buy some CHEAP 3-letter .com domains for our School project!

Please sell it us if you has it! Thanks manys,  Dariusz & Gustaw!”

If any domain investors are able to provide those two brilliant students from Latvia with an affordable LLL .com domain, preferably in the sub-$100 dollar range, please let us know and we’ll pass the note over to Dariusz and Gustaw.

Have a great Monday!

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6 Responses to “Domain investing : Latvian students looking for cheap LLL .com domains”
  1. Colombialicious says:

    I think it’s the IDEA of LATVIAN SCAMMERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You must be CRAZY to sell a LLL.COM for $ 100 dollars !!!! You must be REALLY REALLY REALLY , CRAZY !!!!!

    ” we two POOR students from LATVIA ! and we wants to buy some CHEAP 3 – letter. COM domains for our SCAM SCHOOL project ” !!!!!!

    What a Joke !!!

    P.s. they should contact Rick Schwartz……. LOL !!!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Colombialicious – You must be kidding, these students seem to be perfectly honest. I would trust them with my bank account.

  3. Felix says:

    Haha, great

  4. Jon says:

    Please go into my go daddy account and take what ever domains you want.
    Really hope this helps your school project.
    Acc: 9783749856

  5. Raymond says:

    You can lease $2 a day for 100 years leasing contract!

  6. DomainGang says:

    Raymond – Those are poor students on a shoe-string budget. Have some pity.

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