Domain lowballer reveals all during NamesCon cocktail party

The diversity of attendants at NamesCon 2015 has led to the inevitable: A domain lowballer has physically showed up at the biggest domain conference in Las Vegas.

Freemus Notrias from Latvia, nonchalantly admitted that he is in fact, a serial lowballer, having sent offers in the $5 to $20 range for thousands of domain names.

“Try to maximize my ROI by making no big offer, is good practice, yes?” said Freemus Notrias, adding:

“When make bid at NameJet you bid low yes? So why no offer few bucks for domain owns Frank Schilling or Joe Domainer? I find normal!”

Notrias has amassed a database of domains owned by large portfolio holders, and is eager to do business with other domainers during NamesCon.

“Is great being Vegas, I don’t gamble but like domain when jackpot turns $5 offer to $5,000 value, and that’s great domaining, yes?” stated Freemus Notrias, downing the 5th free beer of the night.

The practice of offering small amounts of money for domains worth considerably more, is referred to as “lowballing”. When done expertly, such practice can lead to the acquisition of priceless domain assets, for a pittance.

NamesCon continues today with the opening of the corporate exhibits; an estimated 900 people are attending.


Potential domain lowballing victims during NamesCon.

Potential domain lowballing victims during NamesCon.

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