Domain Name Jargon : Domain Robo-registration

Somehow, the splendiferous Domain Name Jargon seriesthe educational thesaurus of terms and trivia related to domaining – hasn’t been updated for a while; we’re thus going forward with another entry, right as the XYZ gTLD continues to make headlines.

After all, our goal is to (re)define domaining without the need for silly equations or algorithms, in short concise posts that anyone with ADD can follow. 😀

Domain Robo-registration : The act of automatic registration of domain names on behalf of a registrant, by the Registrar they keep domains with, in a lesser TLD or gTLD. Typically, what follows is the subsequent placement of these domains in the registrant’s account.

Often associated with the free promotional give-away of domains in questionable quality gTLDs during their launch period, domain robo-registrations come in two flavors: opt-in and opt-out.

While the first one requires the user’s consent to register a domain, opt-out domain robo-registrations essentially constitute forced registrations of a domain name, often without the registrant’s interest or knowledge.

Example: “WTF is this massive list of crap .XYZ domains that I found in my account with Network Solutions??? This looks like a case of opt-out domain robo-registrations!”

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