Domain Name Jargon : Name Collision (Mitigation of)

Holy molly!

It’s been more than a month since our last entry in the Domain Name Jargon series – the educational repository of terms and trivia related to domaining.

There’s no excuse, and we deserve the public flogging undeniably; our mission to (re)define domaining continues!

So here’s today’s entry, courtesy of Cyrus Namazi of ICANN, who appears in a video below.

If you built your intranet on a .space domain, good luck with that.

If you built your intranet on a .space domain, good luck with that.

Name Collision  (status) : The thoughtless act of utilizing a non-existent top level domain for a corporate or personal network, believing that it would never become global.

Often compared to the infamous Y2k bug, name collision and its mitigation is a serious problem for lazy network administrators, who will now have to work twice as hard to resolve the issues.

The launch of numerous new gTLDs generates a problem for those who decided to build their intranet on a domain that matches that of a gTLD; the so-called “collision” occurs when the users would be redirected to the internal web site, instead of the Internet destination for that particular domain and gTLD.

Example: “Man, when I worked at Initech we were told that building the network on a dot GURU domain was fine, as long as the IPs were in the – range!”

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