Domain Name Jargon : Portfolio Pusher

If you went to NamesCon – the biggest, baddest new domain conference of 2014 – you probably had a blast.

We did, and despite failing miserably at ping pong, we upped our hula-hoop skills tenfold.

Due to the focus on NamesCon, our Domain Name Jargon series suffered a setback, but we’re back with yet another chance to (re)define domaining! 😀

Portfolio Pusher (noun) : The type of domain investor that appears to be promoting their list of domain names shamelessly, without regard of the ongoing conversation or circumstances.

Often promoting a printed copy of the domain list during conferences, the portfolio pusher will stop attendees and hand them the list with a wink; the latter indicates some type of promise, if you act upon perusing the list.

The domain portfolio pushing technique is particularly mastered by overly made-up women of indeterminable age, that tend to wear revealing clothing in hopes of a “connection” with potential male domainers. This method of pushing one’s portfolio is akin to “whoring” or “asset prostitution.”

Seasoned domain investors learn how to avoid entrapment by the portfolio pushers, by suddenly changing direction during a busy conference’s networking area, or by pretending they just had a vibrating incoming call.

Example: “Did you see what she did with her lips when she handed me that list during NamesCon? Yeah, she’s upped her game since TRAFFIC last year, for sure!”


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One Response to “Domain Name Jargon : Portfolio Pusher”
  1. Howie Crosby says:

    Ah! The “Honey Trap” I’m a sucker for those! Wish I was there! 😉

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