Domain Name Jargon : Pronounceable domains

Carrying on with another installation of the irreverent Domain Name Jargon seriesthe highly acclaimed thesaurus of terms and trivia related to domaining – all while we are heading towards the end of 2014.

With Domain Name Jargon, we strive to help  (re)define domaining without the need for silly analyses, in short concise posts that anyone suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder can follow. 😀


Pronounceable domains : Non-generic domains that cannot be pronounced by the average sample of the human species, but unlikely to be typed by a fat-pawed cat, casually strolling on a neglected keyboard or other input device.

Not to be confused with Klingon-speak domains, these short, nonsensical strings perplex even those adamant about declaring the Chinese domain market as the next big thing.

Pronounceable domains are often misrepresented as “brandables” or “having potential”, as long as they lead to several inadvertent knuckle cracks while typing them in.

Example: “I have for sale, it’s a pronounceable domain, unlike other crap I’ve seen for sale on this very domain forum.”

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3 Responses to “Domain Name Jargon : Pronounceable domains”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    would you consider worth registering today or should i wait until godaddy has their 99 cent sale?

  2. DomainGang says:

    RaTHeaD – I got laryngitis just by looking at it. So wait until it comes with a free Rx.

  3. Hire.Domains says:

    I only buy pronounceables in the .xyz extension

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