Domain Name Wire: Closer to Network Solutions with brand new logo

Behold, the new DNW logo.

Behold, the new DNW logo.

A little over five weeks ago, Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire announced that he had been running a logo design contest at 99Designs.

Having narrowed down the potential candidates to 13 logos, Andrew asked for opinions on which logo looks better.

As always, when a lot of chefs are invited in the kitchen, the recipe quality fluctuates. 😀 Still, there is only one Master Chef – Andrew.

Apparently, the logo of choice was #5 that can be seen directly on the contest page. 

There is a definite resemblance to and/or influence from the Network Solutions logo, that features a similar band or tape forming the letters in a continuum.

This particular “banding” style trended about two years ago in graphic design, examples of which can be seen at Voscast and in the branding of Microsoft Office for the mac.

A logo is an important element of a brand, and as long as Andrew is happy with the results, who are we to judge! 😀

The new Domain Name Wire logo has not gone live yet.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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