Domain scammer Starlita Similien en route to conviction

Starlita Patrice Similien

The notorious domain scammer, Starlita Patrice Similien, came closer to a conviction and sentence yesterday, after being held in the Panama City prison.

Arrested under the “Andrea J. DeLuca” alias, the serial fraudster’s real identity was established, after her aunt gave a sworn testimony over the phone that Starlita P. Similien is the scammer’s real name.

With a court hearing on August 27th, Starlita Similien should face jail time in Florida and hopefully more time behind bars in Texas, where a pending warrant for her arrest awaits her.

If you have been defrauded by Starlita Similien, please contact the Bay County Sheriff’s office at 850-747-4700 and ask for Investigator Paul Vecker.

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