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#Domain sightings: DirtyCoast.com in New Orleans

Domain sightings are random encounters with domain names “in the wild.”

We keep track of such instances of domains as they appear on vehicles, signs, offices, and products. For ease, we separate dot .com domain sightings from those of other TLDs.

This time around we came across the domain DirtyCoast.com, at the New Orleans airport. The image was provided by our friend Hal, who took his first flight since the beginning of the pandemic. Safe trips, Hal!

What is DirtyCoast.com?

Apparently, it’s an apparel store catering to young adults, with a certain “attitude” in life. According to their web site:

Dirty Coast is a New Orleans based t-shirt company. Run by locals, Dirty Coast has coined such notable phrases as “Be A New Orleanian Wherever You Are.”

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