#Domain sightings : #Miroco brand on non-matching .com

Domain sightings are random encounters with domain names “in the wild.” Such encounters involve domain names in the real, multi-dimensional world and not simply on the internet.

Whether it’s domains emblazoned on vehicles, street and business signs, or products, we group these encounters into two categories: dot .com domains, and every other ccTLD, gTLD, and TLD.

Today’s encounter involves Miroco, a brand of home products such as coffee grinders, coffee pots, and more. They operate on Amazon, and their matching trademark for MIROCO indicates they are a Chinese company.

Photos of the product show that they don’t operate their brand from the matching .com domain, but rather, from MirocoHome.com.

That domain was registered in 2018, while Germany headquartered Miroco.com was registered in 2003. There’s definitely some potential for confusion.

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