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Domain theft: One more domain stolen at Moniker is returned to rightful owner

Domain names are getting stolen more often than what you think.

Domain names that were stolen at Moniker are being returned.

In the aftermath of the mass breach of domainer accounts at Moniker, some things are improving.

There have been several occasions that domains were returned, with the assistance of Moniker as the losing registrar.

Sometimes, the effort of the domain owners makes a difference, as in the case of Future Media Architects that temporarily lost and then retrieved a very important portfolio of domain names, utilizing pressure from a large law firm.

For smaller domainers, that task of getting back their stolen domains has not been easy. There are, however, exceptions.

In one such case involving the four letter domain FU**.com (we cannot reveal the full name) their owner reported the theft and never heard back from Moniker. The domain was moved to a domain registrar based in India, and the outlook was grim; a few days ago, the domain “magically” re-appeared in his Moniker account.

Unlike with the case of See.com, the domain FU**.com has been locked down for 60 days, remaining at Moniker for now.

Like others that moved their domains away from Moniker once they were reclaimed, it is not clear whether the domain owner would entrust Moniker with their asset; for now, he is definitely grateful that the domain is back in his possession.

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One Response to “Domain theft: One more domain stolen at Moniker is returned to rightful owner”
  1. Tom says:

    Seems the Chinese are targeting numerics via godaddy, found one marked spam in my inbox for a 4N.com I own to verify my details.

    The email was marked suspicious, but they are getting better, and better, and it only takes a few out of a thousand to create havoc. Good to see names are finding there way back home for the holidays.

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