#Domain USPS : Elliot’s PO box filled up after new contact method is revealed!

Elliot Silver’s post about how an enterprising domain investor contacted him via snail mail, is creating new traffic for the Top Notch Domains founder.

Domain name pitching, a common practice for email communications, is now getting out of hand, according to Silver.

“My PO box isn’t unlimited, unlike the web space I get from GoDaddy, and it’s filling up fast!” exclaimed Elliot, sharing photos of his mailbox.

“I used to get a couple of Holiday cards a year, from DomainTools and my GoDaddy rep, another from Frank Schilling who stopped mailing rum cakes a while back – that’s it. But now, after blogging about it, I’m getting between 20 to 30 letters a day, some are perfumed and sealed with a kiss!” added Elliot.

Elliot Silver’s PO Box is now full.

Such attempts to sell domain names are obviously futile, but domainers are desperate enough to spend money on stamps and quite often, return receipt deliveries.

“With email spam, I don’t have to send out a return receipt notification, but with the USPS deliveries the sender gets notified. I hope they don’t start sending me a signature request because that’d be the end of it!” said Elliot Silver.

If you want to sell a domain via the US Mail try stuffing it inside a quality product, such as a Rolex watch or a pair of Gucci shoes. Elliot might reconsider.

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