Domain wheels : Where is Tesla .Car, .Cars and .Auto ?

Tomorrow, January 20th, marks the beginning of General Availability for a triad of automotive gTLDs: .car, .cars and .auto.

A joint venture between the .XYZ Registry and Uniregistry, the project has taken an impressive array of car manufacturers under its wings.

During the Sunrise Period, several automotive brands were registered by their respective owners, across all 3 gTLDs.

It has already been demonstrated how well such brands rank in search engines, in the example of Lucra Cars.

There is a huge player missing from the game, however: Tesla Motors.

Last time we checked,, and are not allocated.

WHY!? 🙁

In related news, Colin Campbell of dot .CLUB Registry, received notification of production for his new Tesla X. He plans to blog about it via the web site ModelX.CLUB.


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4 Responses to “Domain wheels : Where is Tesla .Car, .Cars and .Auto ?”
  1. Steve says:

    Why would anyone other than Tesla register any of those names??? Tesla just had to wait for general reg and avoid the HOSE. Simple. If anyone else registers them they are asking for trouble.

  2. Jack says:

    Because TESLA simply doesn’t care, rightfully so.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Steve – Seen the market capitalization of Tesla lately? Exceeds that of a small tropical nation. What you refer as “the hose” might apply to you and I, but these aren’t gTLDs for the common Joe.

  4. Steve says:

    Oh ok so Tesla has money so we should take them to the cleaners????? is available for $8249.88!!! . This seems like some kind of twilight zone episode???? Talk about putting a bad light on the domain business. This puts us back 100 years.
    Guess what this other AMAZING .car domain is available as well when this was posted for you guessed it $8,249.88!!! This is RIDICULOUS.
    While I really appreciate the work Frank has done for the industry and at DNS this seems like a MAJOR step backwards.
    I would love to hear him explain the value on these names????

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