Domainer angry: ‘I want to sue Moniker!’ after negative balance is issued

When will the Moniker madness end?

When will the Moniker madness end?

Moniker can’t seem to get a break from negative light these days; not out of spite, but simply because of bad customer service.

As if the backlash from a mass breach and loss of domains to Egyptian domain thieves were not enough, here come the bills.

Some domainers with domains at Moniker have started receiving bills that claim there has been an accounting error; the bills start from $50 and in the case of one domainer, are as high as $385 dollars.

“I want to sue Moniker!” exclaimed the user at DNForum, adding:

“I just received an email from Moniker stating that they made an error in billing and as a result I own them $385?  WTF, I paid them every single time I renew the names so how can this be an error. They need to show or prove to me and not just send an email telling I own them money without any proof.”

With customer service often impossible to get hold of, Moniker is clearly creating its own downfall in the domain industry.

According to another domainer, Moniker lost more than 500,000 domains between May and November 2014.

Where will it all end?

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