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Domainer attitude : “You can’t afford it!”

You can't afford this domain.

You can’t afford this domain.

Many direct inquiries about domains ignore the fact that the domain is already listed in a domain marketplace, such as Sedo, Afternic or GoDaddy.

Instead of making an offer, these emails ask how much it’s for sale.

As savvy domain investors know, the first one to quote a price, loses. 😀

We received the following email from a DomainGang reader, who wishes to be anonymous, and it discusses the “You can’t afford it!” attitude:

If you own enough domains that you are getting offers on a daily basis, you might be surprised that the ice cream bit and domaining can work together.

I get offers every day, but serious offers about once a week.

I usually know the offers that are not serious because they will email me directly and ask for a price/minimum even though I already have the minimum set at sedo/afternic/domainnamesales.

If they could afford the domain, they would make a minimum offer there.  I understand some buyers want to keep transactions private, but that is a rare situation.

After an unusual, and frustrating, 2 months with no sales, I decided to try the Murphy tactic.

Without being disrespectful, knowing that any potential inquiry can lead to a sale, I replied to the last 8 offers with “I’m almost certain you can’t afford it, otherwise you probably would have made an offer at Sedo.com, which is where the domain directs to.”

In July, I made 2 $1500 sales.

Are the events, the reply and sales, related?  Of course I don’t know, but I am going to a fortune teller next month to find out.

For now, I have put the tactic in a vault until needed again.

Great stuff! 😀

If you’re not familiar with the “You can’t afford it” video by comedian, Eddie Murphy, here it is below:

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