The domainer faces of NamesCon 2015

NamesCon 2015 is over, having achieved record numbers in attendance for a domain conference.

The 2nd annual NamesCon brought to Las Vegas domain industry professionals eager to engage in business, and to share knowledge and exchange ideas, to materialize dreams and help shape the future of domain investing.

It’s impossible to cover every aspect of the domain conference’s moments.

There is no doubt that everyone who attended NamesCon 2015 has benefited from its numerous seminars, discussions, speeches and workshops, along with the interpersonal connections achieved during the conference.

NamesCon 2015 set new standards in the effective organizing of a domain conference, with the assistance of an expert team of hard working individuals.

Our personal thanks go out to Richard Lau and his army of tireless warriors, who made it all happen.

See you at NamesCon 2016.

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