#Domainer masks : New startup launched on fears of a #Coronavirus epidemic

If you’re traveling around the world as a domain broker, or to attend conferences such as NamesCon, you need a face mask.

The Coronavirus epidemic is forcing many nations to skip travel to China, but the world’s travelers are still flying.

A new domain start-up is issuing protective masks for domainers, with your favorite domain name imprinted.

Operating from the domain DomainerMasks.io, the well-seeded start-up is a venture of domain investor, Morgan Linton.

“After going to NamesCon and talking about .io, .xyz and of course .icu domains, I realized that clothing metrix is where I’m at.

We’re launching DomainerMasks.io with cash from 24 venture capitalists in the Bay area. I love this industry!”

The founder of Boldmetrics is excited about the opportunity to provide quality masks protecting against the Wuhan Coronavirus, that also look stylish.

“I’m a fan of the clean cut metro look, that is also cozy and fits well,” said Morgan Linton, adding: “Come to Boldmetrics to get fitted and have your virus mask printed as we drink coffee here in Cali.”

To order a minimum of 500 masks with your brand, or more, visit DomainerMasks.io.

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  1. Don W. says:

    They are going for 3-4x normal price on Ebay.

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