Domainer Profiles: Tia Wood

Domainer and developer Tia Wood

Welcome to “Domainer Profiles” – the third edition in an open series; we profile domainers with a humorous twist. If you missed the previous two chapters, make sure to read about Elliot Silver and Rick Schwartz.

Onto domain developer and investor, Tia Wood; a breath of fresh air, as she is both a talented female domainer and a devoted mother.

Tia Wood infiltrated the male-dominated domainer market by offering web site development services, database interactive designs and various creative work, through her primary web site,

Those that have met Tia in person are definitely impressed by her ability to lock the attention of others; her blue eyes are merely a small part of her physical assets. By some odd twist of fate, Tia was born on April Fool’s day 😀

Tia Wood boasts to be one of the few domainers with a direct communication channel to uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, who acknowledged and praised her development skills on several occasions; the same goes for Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Tia is not only affordable for the mainstream domain investor, but she also produces quality work, always delivering within the agreed upon timeframe.

Faith, Tia’s soon to be 12-year old daughter, shocked The Gap two years ago, when her letter convinced the clothing retailer to revert to their old logo. Tia’s homeschooling of her daughter ensures that Faith acquires many of her mom’s creative skills, particularly sketching and drawing.

Tia Wood has a goofy sense of humor, a big plus when dealing with grouchy domainers that demand work to be delivered “yesterday“. 😀 She is active on DNForum and also on Facebook.

Always cracking a good joke or delivering words of wisdom from a female perspective, Tia has contributed several articles in the early days of DomainGang 😀 We love her and appreciate all her hard work!



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