Domainer from Uruguay bites attendants during ICANN50 in London

Some bite marks can be quite nasty.

Some bite marks can be quite nasty.

A domain investor from Uruguay attending ICANN50 in London, has reportedly bitten three participants of the conference, according to BBC News.

Jose Santos Maria Delacruz was representing his home country of Uruguay as a technocrat with more than 2,500 domain names. Delacruz attacked and bit three French representatives during a heated discussion about gTLD protectionism, on the closing day of ICANN50.

“This guy went rabid, he started biting people, I don’t speak Spanish but I heard him scream ‘Vamos, Suárez!’ as he bit down on the French delegates, it was shocking to watch,” said Fatih Abdullah, who works as hotel personnel and who witnessed the incident.

The three French delegates were treated for minor injuries, some of which left teeth mark on their skin. They declined to comment on the incident before speaking to their government.

Fadi Chehadé, CEO and president of ICANN, issued a brief statement after the incident:

“I understand that some delegates might disagree with the multi-stakeholder model, but physically attacking others is unquestionably childish and endangers the message we are trying to deliver to the US government, and the world. ICANN does not condone such an unwarranted attack on the French delegates.”

The biting incident most likely stemmed from the angry reaction by France towards the decision by ICANN to go forward with the delegation of dot .Wine and dot .Vin as gTLDs, despite the French protectionism over its sacred products.

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