Domainer’s Choice Awards: Special trophy presented to veteran domainer, Sevan Derderian

Veteran domainer, Sevan Derderian, does a remarkable job as director of sales at Uniregistry.

To honor his many years of contribution to the domain industry, the Domainer’s Choice Awards presented him with a special award, last week.

“When I was given those shiny bottles, I just wanted to cry. Donna knows how much I love beer, and giving me that special pair of limited edition sixpacks was a true blessing,” said Sevan Derderian, chocking back tears.


Instead of presenting Sevan with yet another trophy, the Domainer’s Choice Awards gave him a 12-pack of assorted beer, ranging from Miller Lite and Corona Extra (pictured), to Mythos and Vergina from Greece.

Sevan was clearly ecstatic, as seen in this picture with domain broker, Joe Higgins, who received an ordinary trophy instead.

Congratulations, Sevan, and may you enjoy your cold trophy on the Cayman beach! 😀

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