DomainFest bans popular music celebrity for life!

DomainFest is gearing up for its revamped conference that will take place in Hollywood, California from March 31st to April 2nd.

The area is a known home for popular celebrities, big and small, some of which have been the focus of paparazzi and industry media in recent months.

On of them is now banned from attending DomainFest – for life.

“We are very much concerned about negative publicity and in particular, any type of affluenza that might interfere with our status as a big domain conference for domain professionals,” said Dwayne Walker, senior Vice President of advertising and domain services for DomainSponsor.

“While we were considering Justin Bieber to perform during DomainFest, we grew increasingly tired of this kid’s tirades and other such scandalous interaction with the law; so we chose a performer more aged and thus less prone to seek mindless media attention,” added Walker, smiling.

DomainFest will present the Stone Temple Pilots instead, an aging band that hasn’t caused any trouble or garnered any media attention since the late 1990’s.

The Stone Temple Pilots will perform during DomainFest 2014.

The Stone Temple Pilots will perform during DomainFest 2014.

“I’m a huge fan of the Stone Temple Pilots, having partied hard with them back in the day that they were known as Mighty Joe Young,” said Dwayne Walker, pointing to a group photo on his office wall, circa 1992.

“Justin Bieber wasn’t even born then, he somehow managed to beat other, smarter sperm two years later!” exclaimed Walker, laughing.

Banning Justin Bieber from DomainFest for life was a smart corporate move; in 2013 TRAFFIC organizers rain into issues with the Canadian teen idol’s entourage, after he became intoxicated during the Las Vegas TRAFFIC event.

Looking forward to DomainFest 2014 – it will be as awesome as the Stone Temple Pilots’ mega-hit, “Plush”, released 21 years ago. That’s older than Justin Bieber.

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