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#Domains and #politics : #DevilsTriangle .com is up for sale at #Sedo

Domains and politics often intermix, and the latest trend is about Brett Kavanaugh and his alleged high school game, called Devil’s Triangle.

This variant of “quarters” involves alcohol, obviously, in the form of three shots.

Devil’s Triangle is another name for the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic ocean where ships and aircraft have often experienced strange phenomena.

In the case of Brett Kavanaugh, some insinuated that it was a code word for sexual exploits for those initiated; such allegations have not provided any proof.

The fun part: the domain DevilsTriangle.com was registered in 1998, and it’s up for sale at Sedo.

DevilsTriangle.com is for sale at Sedo.

The asking price is $749 dollars, with a minimum offer price of $499 dollars.

There is a high chance that the domain will be snatched, either by a politician’s marketing office, or by an enterprising domain name investor.

Meanwhile, the domain BermudasTriangle.com is up for sale at Afternic for $27,300 dollars. This one, however, was not mentioned in the Brett Kavanaugh testimony. 😉

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One Response to “#Domains and #politics : #DevilsTriangle .com is up for sale at #Sedo”
  1. Mace says:

    BermudasTriangle.com for 27K ? Not even worth $10.
    The supposedly mysterious region is NOT called “Bermuda’s Triangle”.
    The correct name for the region is “Bermuda Triangle”, and of course “Devil’s Triangle”.

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