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BrettKavanaugh.com : #Domain is now a portal for sexual assault survivors

The domain BrettKavanaugh.com has become a portal for the survivors of sexual assault. Fix the Court, a nonpartisan group that advocates for the accountability and transparency at the Supreme Court, is redirecting traffic from the domain to several resources created to fight sexual assault, and other forms of abuse. According to The Hill, “the purchase […]

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Brett Kavanaugh dot .Beer #domain demonstrates proper use of a gTLD

The newly launched domain name about judge Brett Kavanaugh, rides on the recent political controversy. Nothing has been proven against Mr. Kavanaugh, despite allegations of heavy beer drinking when he was at college, which he denies. Still, someone decided to have fun at his expense, by launching a parody web site at BrettKavanaugh.beer. Now, that’s […]

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#Domains and #politics : #DevilsTriangle .com is up for sale at #Sedo

Domains and politics often intermix, and the latest trend is about Brett Kavanaugh and his alleged high school game, called Devil’s Triangle. This variant of “quarters” involves alcohol, obviously, in the form of three shots. Devil’s Triangle is another name for the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic ocean where ships and aircraft have […]

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