#Domainsville relaunches : Fragmented #domain investing network will get you a piece of the action

Domainsville.com relaunched.

Domainsville has been relaunched; the old domain news aggregator is now a “fragmented domain investing network.”

Abdu Tarabichi, founder of Domainsville.com, told us:

“Wanted to let you know that I relaunched Domainsville.com as a Fragmented Domain Investing Network.

Domainers that don’t want / can’t afford the bidding battles can buy fragments of domains that are picked up from the drops and pre-release auctions.

We have already started trading and have a few backorders on some good names.”

How does it work? Here’s the process, in four quick steps:

  • Network Participants fund their account – Participate starting as low as $10, with no limit on the amount you can deposit. The more money you contribute, the more you own in each domain.
  • Domainsville backorders & bids on Domains – We’ll scan the drops and marketplaces to grab as many great domains as possible using the funds from network participants.
  • Domainsville sells the Domains – We take care of outbound marketing, incoming inquiries, marketplace listings and lander pages. You can monitor progress from the Domains page.
  • Earn Your Share without the bidding wars – Earn your share from 80% of the profit from sales of the previous month without having to fight over decent inventory at the drop.

The fancy logo has a related meaning too:

“The Domainsville logo resembles the culture that defines the operation of the network. The colored triangles represent different network participants. The logo that spells the letters “d” and “v” as in DomainsVille resemble an inverted peace ribbon that speaks on how network participants work together towards one common goal: selling domains and sharing the profit.”

The new Domainsville seems to be a very interesting concept, that spins off the Chinese domain auction houses that feed off NameJet!

For more information, visit Domainsville.com.

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