#DomainTools : Small change in #brand alerts makes a big difference

DomainTools is the quintessential domain research tool, for domain investors and industry professionals.

It’s often used by security experts, attorneys and representatives of the law, to identify and track down cybercriminals.

Despite the onslaught of the GDPR that took away many features of the WHOIS data, DomainTools maintains the biggest historic WHOIS database on the Internet.

Brand Report emails from DomainTools contain lists of domains that are either new registrations, or deletions. One can define a number of keywords and receive notifications for matching domains.

On July 10th, DomainTools made a subtle change to the Brand Report emails that – in our humble opinion – makes a big difference. 😀

Brand Reports now isolate domain dots visually, by enclosing them in brackets ([.])

This change, along with the red color used for the matching keyword, makes the visual scanning of lists a breeze.

Here’s an example, before and after the change:

Brand Reports by DomainTools – Before

Brand Reports by DomainTools – After

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