Donuts: An $100 million dollar bet on the future of the Internet

gtldsDonuts, Inc. is by far the largest investor in the new domain space; the company applied for more than 300 gTLDs with ICANN, to the tune of $56 million dollars in application fees alone.

Betting on the feasibility of this investment, Donuts, Inc., COO Richard Tindal admits that the company’s business model can be characterized as a bet.

A very large one, as investors in Donuts, Inc. have provided almost $100 million dollars so far.

The change in the current status quo of the Internet namespace is analyzed in an article titled, “Donuts Inc’s $100 Million Bet on the Future of the Internet“:

“The Internet is running out of real estate, and Donuts, a 4 year old domain name registry located in Bellevue, Washington, has bet over $100 million that soon people will no longer look just for websites that end in .com — they’ll be visiting sites that end in .app, .bike, and even .sex.”

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This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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