It’s Donuts against Famous Four for runners’ dream gTLD

Dot .RUN gTLD coming soon.

Dot .RUN gTLD coming soon.

If you’re one of these early morning risers that put more miles on your shoes than your car, then the dot .RUN gTLD might be for you.

Currently in contention between Donuts, Inc. and Famous Four Media, dot .RUN appears to be aimed at runners, marathoners and the like.

There’s not doubt that running is a big sport in the US and worldwide, and that’s reaffirmed by the number of run related apps currently in the Google Play store: more than 250!

Will dot .RUN generate interest in geodomains, such as Dallas.RUN and Florida.RUN, along with longer strings such as RunForrest.RUN?

The beauty of gTLDs lies in the ability to target specific interests and groups. We cannot wait for dot .CouchSurfing, personally.

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